Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blog Fete Day of Conference Recap

blog fete conference
This is the final Blog Fete 2013 wrap up post which is bittersweet. This years conference was some kind of wonderful. We kicked things off with a fabulous mix and mingle which included several booth vendors that impressed the attendees and then spent an entire day hearing presentations that left us inspired and motivated.  This 2 day conference is jam packed with not only loads of information but amazing connecting abilities between attendees, presenters and sponsors.  
Blog Fete Conference Tumbler
Blog Fete Menu
Blog Fete agenda's and name tags created by the talented Michele.
Blog Fete Conference Display
blog Fete Gift Bags
The wonderful Blog Fete swag bags! Swag bag contributors included Firefly Confections, Kidecals, Nashville Wraps, Poofy Cheeks Shop, Monin and many more. 
Thank you to our amazing sponsors for spoiling the Blog Fete attendees.
Blog Fete stand
Blog Fete garland tassel
Blog Fete color coordinating garland tassels by The Flair Exchange
blog fete conference room
Blog Fete Group
Blog Fete Attendee Group
Blog Fete Kori Clark
 Presenter Kori Clark speaking on Balance.
Blog Fete Brittni
Presenter Brittni Mehlhoff Speaking on Contributing 
Blog Fete Ashely Brooke
 Presenter Ashley Brooke speaking on Branding
Blog Fete Kristen Weaver
 Presenter Kristen Weaver speaking on Photography Tips
Blog Fete Giveaways
A BIG thank you to our day of conference giveaway contributors: 
Blog Fete Attendees

Thank you to Renee Nicole Photography for capturing the entire weekend! Although we are missing a few ladies in this photo it's wonderful to have such a beautiful group shot of these talented ladies.  Be on the lookout for individual head shots shared by the attendees. Renee so graciously offered each attendee a professional headshot, yet another wonderful perk of Blog Fete 2013.

Until next year...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mixing and Mingling at the Blog Fete Mix and Mingle

Blog Fete
We've been sharing mix and mingle photos and details for a little over a week and now it's time for some fun pics and candid shots! The mix and mingle portion of the event gives all the attendees, sponsors and presenters time to get to know one another while sipping wine and enjoying the vendor booths.  These photos captured by the event photographer, Renee Nicole Design & Photography, are some of our favorites. Renee was able to showcase what truly happens when 30 talented bloggers unite for an evening of mixing and mingling. 

Photo above: Michele and Carmen tweeting and instagraming the evening festivities. 
mix and mingle blog fete
Laura, Kori and Britni posing for Renee.
Blog Fete 2013
Sweet friends returning for the second year, Elissa and Mary.
mix and mingle ladies at Blog Fete
Such a fun group of ladies: Jennifer, Dorangela and Alexis
michele and kori at Blog Fete
Michele and Kori posing pre social media share. 
Blog Fete ladies mixing and mingling
So much talent here! Elle, Laura, Vanessa and Soraya
Blog Fete Courtney
Candid of the lovely Katie, Courtney and Britni.
Blog Fete Cell Phone Sharing
Such a cute photo! Asha, Katie and Soraya
Dina and Elissa at Blog Fete
Elissa with our craft booth sponsor Dina.
Jessica and Kori Blog FeteWe were so glad Jessica was able to make our mix and mingle event and so was Kori!
Melissa and Mindy Blog Fete
Melissa laughing with Mindy and Jessica. So much fun in one room.

All photos by event photographer, Renee Nicole Design & Photography

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blog Fete Mix and Mingle Sponsored by Jelly Design Studio

mix and mingle sponsored by jelly design studio
This year's mix and mingle was phenomenal and much thanks to the sponsor for the evening, Jelly Design Studio!  Learn more about Meli and her company here

Blog Fete wouldn't be possible without support from fellow business owners such as the custom web design company, Jelly Design Studio.  Meli was not only was our evening sponsor but made sure the attendees left with a little something extra in hand, coffee from a local coffee shop.  THANK YOU for all of your support.

blog fete mix and mingle event
blog fete
Thank you One of Everything to for keeping our attendees fashionable with your lanyards two years in a row! 
blog fete mix and mingle
As the attendees arrived they took their fashionable name tags, pinned a business card, grabbed a gift bag from Jelly Design Studio and went in for wine, food and so much more.
blog fete mix and mingle food
blog fete food
blog fete food
mix and mingle chat
Wine, booth vendor chit-chat, cell phones out and mingling! 
jelly design studio blog design
mix and mingle team
The Blog Fete team and our assistant for the evening at the welcome table. Thank you, Amy for setting up such a great looking welcome table and all your support! 
Linen provided by Candy Crush Shop and tassel garland provided by The Flair Exchange.
mix and mingle
The Blog Fete Team: Michele, Carmen and Melissa

All event photography by Renee Nicole Design & Photography.  Again, a special thank you to all the ladies involved who helped to ensure the 2013 Blog Fete mix and mingle was the success that is was!

Stay tuned. The day of conference details and photos are coming soon!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Fete Mix and Mingle Craft Booth

Blog Fete Craft Booth
This year Blog Fete had a wonderful variety of mix and mingle booth vendors.  Make sure to check out all of last weeks highlight posts. We were honored to have a craft table join in on Friday's event and it was such a hit! My sweet friend and Blog Fete team member Carmen of The Flair Exchange and one of my all time fave peeps Dina of Deliciously Darling joined forces to offer a jewelry craft station.  Being that Dina had her hands on this one it was of course glitter filled (even the hammer was gold glitter). These crafty ladies created a stunning display for our attendees. 

Each attendee was able to pick a length, customize a charm and add some bling to a necklace. Some attendees made multiple necklaces because it was just too cool of a craft to not take advantage of! Dina made Melissa a custom Blog Fete necklace for display purposes and it's a beauty. This is such an awesome do-it-yourself accessory.

Much thanks again to our event photographer Renee Nicole Design & Photography for capturing photos of the displays. Thanks also to Candy Crush Shop for the amazing gold linens which you'll see a little more of this week. 

mix and mingle craft booth
craft booth
mix and mingle craft booth
Dina giving instructions to the ladies. 
blog fete mix and mingle craft booth
The talented and sweet Vanessa of Vanessa Grant Events creating her necklace.
craft booth
Nicole of Casa de Crews creating her necklace with Dina's assistance.
blog fete mix and mingle
The beautiful Courtney of Dishie Rentals in necklace making action! 
Sweets pals Mayra and Laura checking out the craft station. 
mix and mingle craft booth

All  event photos by Renee Nicole Design & Photography. Make sure to pop back by this week for more mix and mingle highlights!