Monday, April 8, 2013

What do I get?

Let's chat about what you get when you pay to attend Blog Fete. Although we have a small list provided there is so much gained from the overall experence that I find it hard to put into words. There is no greater feeling than being in a room with like minded individuals, listening to presentations by online experts and connecting on a level that you couldn't imagine. See why it's hard to state exactly what you get? Previous Blog Fete attendees will speak for me and tell you to just do it, join the small group of ladies spending the weekend together leaving more motivated than ever!
To get down to the specifics aside from the amazing presentations and best ever experience here is what you get at Blog Fete.  If you still have a few questions feel free to email me-
xoxo, Melissa

Graphic by The Flair Exchange

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vlogged: Blog Scheduling Tips

I get asked about blog scheduling and my routine often. There are so many bloggers interested in what works best and what they should be doing. The answer- it defers for us all and we have to find our own routine. My plan of action might not work for everyone but there is so much importance to scheduling your posts when possible.  Find a routine that works for you and you'll be blown away by the adjustment in your time management.

 I highly recommend our Blogging Basics class as it dives into this topic deeper. Enjoy the video and leave us your feedback. What type of blog post scheduling do you do?  How many posts do you typically schedule at a time?

xoxo, Melissa

Monday, April 1, 2013

Free Inspiring Printables by Paper & Pigtails

At last years Blog Fete event we asked each attendee to share their favorite quote to display at the conference.  It was so much fun gathering such inspiring and motivating quotes from the ladies and along with the talents of Kori of Paper & Pigtails we were able to create a colorful display for everyone to enjoy.  Each attendee was welcome to bring their quote home and they were also sent a download of all 20+ quotes Kori put together.

Lucky for you, Kori has given the ok for us to share a few of the Blog Fete 2012 attendee favorite quotes to download for free! Yep, motivating and stylish quotes to you from us. Hang them at your desk, frame them or even pass them along to your fave peeps.  Download your free printables here.
xoxo, Melissa