Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why you should advertise during Blog Fete!

We've had tons of inquiries about advertising opportunities and what they entail.  So, I wanted to spend a little time discussing why you should advertise your business during Blog Fete.

Does your business provide a service or product that may be relative to a blogger? Blog Fete wants to provide vital resources to our attendees while helping business owners reach a targeted captive audience. If I examine the many ad buttons I've paid to host on multiple blogs to never get the opportunity to conduct a sale, I'd probably regret how I've managed my non existent marketing budget.

So, instead of just slapping up a pretty little logo on a site, allow our emcee to talk about your business, service or product with our attendees.  All of our middle and top tier opportunities actually get us talking about your product and its applicability to a blogger or business owner. All advertising opportunities include tweets and Facebook posts by The Team, before, during and after the event.  You can quickly join in our conversation by searching for #blogfete on twitter!

Email blogfete@gmail.com for pricing and any inquiries regarding advertising. We can't wait to share the perks of using your business, services or products with our attendees!


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