Friday, July 13, 2012

What to Wear: Mix and Mingle

Are you getting excited for Blog Fete?  If you have already purchased your ticket you may be wondering what to pack.  The two main portions of the event are a Mix and Mingle, held on Friday night out by the pool, and the conference on Saturday.  The Mix and Mingle will give you a chance to get to know the other attendees in a casual way but will also be where first impressions are made.  While you don't need to dress to impress, show these gals who you are.  Let "you" shine through.  And don't forget that Orlando is quite warm this time of year (mid 90's people!) so keep that in mind! 

1. Dress . H&M $19.95
2. Necklace . Chiky $34
3. Bracelet . Meliora $12 . Jewelry by Carmal $34 . Melinda Maria $60
4. Clutch . Gigee Marie $36
5. Sunglasses . Coach $158
6. Wedges . Maki Uehara Tokyo $115
7. Card holder . Gifts for Pros $16.25


  1. Cute! I hope it isn't still in the Mid '90s by the end of September.

  2. so, that's the uniform? lol...i'd actually wear all of that!