Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Event Sponsor Jelly Design Studio

Having been launched in March of 2012, Jelly Design Studio has been years in the making. As a blogger, Melissa found herself countless nights coding and designing her very own blog design. As a final result she realized her true passion. A desire lit for helping other starting bloggers create a page that showcases their true talent and style.
Her determination of creating the perfect website starts from the very beginning. From the start of a color chart, to the posting of a website, Melissa is there every step of the way. With every new project she is able to grow as a coder, designer, and business owner.

Jelly Design Studio offers a variety of web services from custom wordpress designs to pre made blogger templates to custom icons and more! Meli is such a pleasure to work with and is one of the most giving people I know, she is always there to help a blogger out and give any advice she can! Make sure to check out her portfolio and visit her blog Blush and Jelly for fun recipes and much more. 

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