Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mixing and Mingling at the Blog Fete Mix and Mingle

Blog Fete
We've been sharing mix and mingle photos and details for a little over a week and now it's time for some fun pics and candid shots! The mix and mingle portion of the event gives all the attendees, sponsors and presenters time to get to know one another while sipping wine and enjoying the vendor booths.  These photos captured by the event photographer, Renee Nicole Design & Photography, are some of our favorites. Renee was able to showcase what truly happens when 30 talented bloggers unite for an evening of mixing and mingling. 

Photo above: Michele and Carmen tweeting and instagraming the evening festivities. 
mix and mingle blog fete
Laura, Kori and Britni posing for Renee.
Blog Fete 2013
Sweet friends returning for the second year, Elissa and Mary.
mix and mingle ladies at Blog Fete
Such a fun group of ladies: Jennifer, Dorangela and Alexis
michele and kori at Blog Fete
Michele and Kori posing pre social media share. 
Blog Fete ladies mixing and mingling
So much talent here! Elle, Laura, Vanessa and Soraya
Blog Fete Courtney
Candid of the lovely Katie, Courtney and Britni.
Blog Fete Cell Phone Sharing
Such a cute photo! Asha, Katie and Soraya
Dina and Elissa at Blog Fete
Elissa with our craft booth sponsor Dina.
Jessica and Kori Blog FeteWe were so glad Jessica was able to make our mix and mingle event and so was Kori!
Melissa and Mindy Blog Fete
Melissa laughing with Mindy and Jessica. So much fun in one room.

All photos by event photographer, Renee Nicole Design & Photography

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